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1000CH RV Motorcycle Carrier Diesel Pusher Hydraulic - Mighty Hauler TM
Price $3050.00 (Patent Pending)

If you have looked at the 1000H model and wondered how am I going to check my engine oil in my diesel pusher. Then the 1000CH is the carrier for you. All you need to do is pull two pins and the 1000CH collapses 17.5” making it easy to access your engine compartment. When the 1000CH is on the ground it only measures 32.5” tall. The first pin you pull allows you to folds the cylinder out of the way without taking it off. Pulling the second pin allows you to take the 17.5” upright support off. This support can be removed when the carrier is in the up or down position.  Whether you have a hatch door or barn door to your engine compartment, opening up the doors is no longer a problem.

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