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Manufactured here in the USA...

Mighty Hauler products come with Sway Lock or Lock Tight technology

600M Scooter Carrier

Mighty Hauler TM
Price $525.00 (Patent Pending)

Mighty Hauler’s 600M offer “Lock Tight” technology that tightens the motorcycle hauler to your hitch. The “Lock Tight” system allows you to take the slop out of any hitch with a twist of a wrench. The Mighty Hauler 600M comes with an 81” long and 8” wide platform.  The matching ramp is 71” long at a slight 20 degree angle allowing for easy loading and unloading. This ramp is carried and stored on the carrier with two bolts. Four integrated tie down points are attached for securing your motorcycle. The Might Hauler 600M is designed for smaller motorcycles in mind with a maximum capacity of 600lbs. All parts are precision cut. This carrier is perfect for any half ton truck or SUV.

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