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Mighty Hauler products come with Sway Lock or Lock Tight technology

Mighty Hauler TM Accessories


Storage Dolly
Price: $120

Mighty Hauler’s storage dolly makes storing your Mighty Hauler even easier. Simply lower your empty Mighty Hauler 1000M or 1000H onto the storage dolly and roll it to your storage area. This storage dolly also makes installing your Mighty Hauler to your vehicle a snap. Just roll the Mighty Hauler to your hitch and insert it in. The storage dolly cradles the Mighty Hauler platform allowing for a snug fit to stop the carrier from falling.  Making our casters removable allows us to lower our platforms to the ground making loading easier. Also casters can easily be damaged if left on during travel. This storage dolly is not meant for use with a motorcycle loaded on the carrier.

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