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Truck Bed Loader

Mighty Hauler TM
Price $1625.00 (Patent Pending)

Mighty Hauler has released its truck bed loader for 6 1/2' truck beds. Load any bike up to 1,000 lbs into the bed of your truck with the push of a button. Mighty Hauler's bed loader uses a 3,000 lb winch (runs off of 12v DC) with 9' remote so you can watch your motorcycle be loaded safety into the back of your truck. Works on bed heights up to 36" tall. The system is connected to the truck bed through six easy to use rivet nuts which make removing and re installing the loader quick and easy. There are two extension pieces that are connected to the tailgate which can easily be removed so you can close the tailgate without removing the entire system. The BL65 comes with three ramps, two outside for the dolly to travel on and one aluminum center ramp which the back tire of the motorcycle rides on. All ramps fit inside the truck bed and are secured to the system. The Mighty Hauler Truck Bed Loader has a gravity assist which allows the bike to be lowered without having to push and pull on it. This makes for smoother loading and unloading. All you need to do is stand back and push the button. When ordering be sure to mention which brand and year of truck you plan on putting it in. The bed loader can be used with spay in bed liners. 

Free pick-up is also available. 

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