FAQ kleyAdmin April 10, 2022

Yes, lights do come standard with the unit. They come with a four prong flat wiring harness.

Yes, we would need a paint code or chip.

Yes, you can pick up the units at our factory. If you pick the unit up we will have to charge sales tax on the purchase.

Yes and No. You must have a ¾ ton truck or larger to use this carrier. If you want to use it on a ½ ton truck you will need to upgrade your suspension and hitch. Anything small than a ½ ton truck will not work. Your truck must also have a class 4 or 5 hitch installed.

Yes, but some modifications to the fifth wheel must be done. A class 4 or 5 hitch installed and reinforcement of the frame. Also the use of the three point hitch is required. We do have a local trailer dealership that can do all of this.

No, you can only put a maximum tongue weight of 100lbs on the receiver of the Mighty Hauler.

If you plan on flat-towing a car behind the carrier then YES. If you plan on putting the carrier on a gasoline motor home then the three point hitch is recommended. With the three point hitch you can flat tow up to 5000lbs.

There are several ways to tell what type of hitch you have. One is to look at the label on the hitch. It will tell you the class of the capacities. If it has a towing capacity of 5000 it’s a class 3. Towing capacity of 10,000 is a class 4or 5. If your receiver is a 2.5” square it is a class 5. If there is no label on the hitch then you should consult a reputable trailer hitch installer to ID it.

We ship the unit on a single pallet. It will be freight shipped to the closest freight line warehouse to your zip code. You will be provided a quote when requested. We can ship to the warehouse or commercial address for the same price. If shipped to a residential address an additional $55 charge will be added. Pick-up is Free.

Your motorcycle will sit 4” above your hitch when traveling down the road. So if your hitch is 17” high the motorcycle will sit 21” off the ground.

Most units are kept in stock. We do sell out quite frequently. If sold out turnaround is usually a week.

Weights are as follow: 1000M – 280lbs 1000H – 300lbs 850D – 320lbs

Yes, ladders and spare tires are not a problem. Even if you get the fold up option it will not hit anything.

Installation of the three point hitch can be done at most RV & trailer dealers. We have a dealer by us that does installations if you decide to pick a unit up. We supply you with two additional receivers that you have mounted to your frame rails on the motor home. The three point hitch will adjust up to 24” on each side of your existing hitch to meet your frame rails. The two additional receivers must be attached to the frames by welding them or bolting them on.

You can tow behind the 1000M, 1000H, 1000C, 1000CH, 1200G and 1200T.

The only option that maybe needed is the three-point hitch or extended hitch. The other options such as the flip-up, wheel chock, bumper floorboard and storage dolly are convenience options.

The 1000m and 1000H will carry a motorcycle up to 1000lbs. This includes all Harleys. The trough measures 8” wide and 81” long.

Class 4 or 5.

The Mighty Hauler comes with a 3 year warranty on all manufactured parts. Anything we build is guaranteed up to three years. The warranty on purchased parts is the same as we get from the manufacturer which is 90 days. This covers such things as the jack and lights. Warranty does not include freight.

No, a loaded Mighty Hauler will not cause your motor home to overheat.  Air will continue to flow through the motorcycle and provide your motor home with the air flow it needs.