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1000M Motorcycle Carrier Manual
Mighty Hauler TM
Price $1795.00
Patent Pending



The 1000M is a great way to carry your 1000lb. motorcycle on the back of your RV, Truck, or fifth wheel. Designed by our engineering team with AutoCAD and manufactured in the USA in our plasma CNC facility. No details have been over looked. The Mighty Hauler 1000M motorcycle carrier uses the industries only “Sway Lock” technology to ensure the motorcycle does not sway during travel.  The “Sway Lock” makes strapping the lift to the vehicle unnecessary.  The “Sway Lock” pin is ¾” and also works as a safety pin taking pressure off of the cylinder. Everything on the Mighty Hauler is CNC cut to a ten thousandths of an inch. Nothing is hand cut. This allows us to custom create each piece which gives the Mighty Hauler the strength and stability it needs. Once you own a Mighty Hauler RV motorcycle carrier the quality will speak for itself.

When you choose the Mighty Hauler 1000M motorcycle carrier there are no attachments that cost extra money. Everything is included. The Mighty Hauler 1000M has been engineered to lower to within 1” from the ground allowing us to build the loading ramp right on the storage platform. This means there are No Extra Parts needing to be stored or carried. You also do not have to deal with trying to drive an 800 lb. motorcycle up a steep incline. The platform is 8” across and 81” long, which makes it large enough for the widest tires and longest bikes. The hauler also includes brackets for storing the jack handle. The Mighty Hauler 1000M RV motorcycle carrier has a standard 2” hitch receiver to flat tow a car up to 5,000lbs with the addition of the three point hitch. Brake lights and turn signal lights are included but not installed.

The Mighty Hauler 1000M has a carrying capacity of 1,000 lbs. The hauler comes powder coated and ready to go. The hauler comes standard with a 2-1/2″ solid steel tongue and fully welded gussets to hold the tongue to the upright for added strength and support. The hauler has over 18” of travel and the motorcycle platform will be raised to a full 4” above the hitch for plenty of ground clearance. The main upright tube has two extra holes for extra tie down stability. Four tie down loops are integrated into the design for both added strength and stability. This is much stronger and safer than simply welding tie down brackets on.

  • The industries only Sway Lock system
  • Plasma CNC quality
  • Made in the USA
  • Can be left or right side load
  • No extra parts to lug around
  • 1,000 lb Capacity
  • Built in ramp
  • 3 ton lift jack
  • Comes fully powder coated
  • Added hooks and holes for easy     strapping
  • 3” Main upright Tube
  • 2” Receiver
  • Reinforced 2” Solid steel tongue
  • The 1000M weights – 280lbs
  • Lowers to within 1” of the ground
  • High Strength grade 8 hardware
  • Three year warranty on manufactured parts
  • Three point hitch available for flat towing

We recommend that this hauler be used by vehicles with a class IV or V hitch. The heavier the hitch the better. The receiver size needs to be 2-1/2” square or 2″ with the 3 point hitch option. Please consult with your vehicle or hitch manufacturer for complete requirements and specifications for your specific hitch.

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