1000CH RV Motorcycle Carrier Diesel Pusher Hydraulic – Mighty Hauler TM <br>Price $3595.00 <br><span style="background-color: #a42d26; color: white; padding-inline: 1em 1em;">Patent Pending</span>kleyAdminApril 9, 2022February 27, 2024

1000CH RV Motorcycle Carrier Diesel Pusher Hydraulic – Mighty Hauler TM
Price $3595.00
Patent Pending



If you have looked at the 1000H model and wondered how am I going to check my engine oil in my diesel pusher. Then the 1000CH is the carrier for you. All you need to do is pull two pins and the 1000CH collapses 17.5” making it easy to access your engine compartment. When the 1000CH is on the ground it only measures 32.5” tall. The first pin you pull allows you to folds the cylinder out of the way without taking it off. Pulling the second pin allows you to take the 17.5” upright support off. This support can be removed when the carrier is in the up or down position.  Whether you have a hatch door or barn door to your engine compartment, opening up the doors is no longer a problem.

The 1000CH is Mighty Hauler’s strongest unit yet. It travels using a T Channel which allows us to make the overall height of the unit much smaller while upgrading the strength.  The T Channel is also has a fail proof design made from ¼” plate. Everything on this unit has been reinforced. We added strength for towing by using two Sway Lock pins so the load is pulled through the whole unit and not just the T channel. These pin holes are reinforced with 3/8” plate. This means no back and forth sway when traveling and towing. The 1000CH comes with the flip-up option standard. The hydraulic motor comes loose and needs to be stored in a storage compartment. It cannot come mounted on the side like in the 1000H model. The motor needs to be wired directly to a battery. The hydraulic cylinder is power up and gravity down. It comes with a quick disconnect for the hose. We will need a measurement for the hose from your hydraulic motor to the back of your motor home.  The motor is remote operated on a ten foot long cord and is removable.
Mighty Hauler’s 1000CH uses the same platform as the 1000M and 1000H. It can be adapted to use the 850 platform or the 750 platform.  It has six integrated tie down points. Supports a motorcycle up to 1000lbs and can flat tow a vehicle up to 6,000lbs when you use the three point hitch. The 1000CH weighs just 280lbs.
We recommend that this hauler be use by vehicles with a class IV or V hitch. The heavier the hitch the better. The receiver size needs to be 2-1/2” square or 2″ with a 3 point option. Please consult with your vehicle or hitch manufacturer for complete requirements and specifications for your specific hitch.

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