1200T Trike Motorcycle Carrier Mighty Hauler TM <br> Price $2995.00 <br><span style="background-color: #a42d26; color: white; padding-inline: 1em 1em;">Patent Pending</span>kleyAdminApril 9, 2022August 12, 2022

1200T Trike Motorcycle Carrier Mighty Hauler TM
Price $2995.00
Patent Pending



Now you can carry your golf cart or Trike motorcycle on the back of your motorhome safe and securely. Mighty Haulers 1200 models can safely carry up to 1,200 lbs. The carrier attaches to the motorhome using two receivers for strength and stability. Each receiver attaches to the motorhomes frame and are supplied with the carrier. The two tongues are made of 2″ solid bar.  The top of the platform is steel diamond plate to help you not slide when loading and unloading.
The carrier can come fitted with optional loading ramps. The ramps store easily underneath the platform. The ramps are lightweight and long enough to prevent the vehicle from scraping. The golf cart model comes with two ramps while the trike platform comes with three ramps. We do this so you can use your own ramps if you have them to save you some money.

Free pick-up is also available.

The platform is designed to allow the user to drive both on and off the carrier. There is no need to use reverse. Simple drive up the right side and drive off the left side. The wheel stops are removable to allow for easy loading and unloading and also help keep the vehicle on the platform when tying down.
The 1200 platform comes standard with a  2″ receiver at the end of the platform to allow you to flat tow up to 5,000lbs. The platform flips upward and locks for storage when at rest.  Also on the platform are leveling screws. These screws help to make the platform perfectly level to the ground and makes it easy to install. These adjustments compensate for the load on the suspension.
Like on all Mighty Hauler Carriers the 1200 comes with taillights and wiring harness. There are several tie down points located all over the carrier for easy tie down. The carrier will only work on diesel pushers and 5Th wheel trailers.
Item will be freight shipped on a single pallet. Call for accurate freight estimate.