850D Double Scooter Carrier Mighty Hauler TM <br> Price $2050.00 <br><span style="background-color: #a42d26; color: white; padding-inline: 1em 1em;">Patent Pending</span>kleyAdminApril 9, 2022July 7, 2022

850D Double Scooter Carrier Mighty Hauler TM
Price $2050.00
Patent Pending



Developed from popular demand, Mighty Hauler has a new Double motorcycle carrier. The 850D allows you to carry any two scooters or motorcycles with a combined weight of less than 850lbs. Two dirt bikes or two Vespa’s are not a problem. The two platforms of the 850D face opposite ways so that your handlebars will not hit each other while loading or carrying down the road. The 850D uses Mighty Haulers raising and lowering method, allowing you to operate your carrier with ease.

Mighty Haulers 850D can come using a standard bottle jack or you can upgrade to the fully electric hydraulic version. The platform lowers to the ground so you can simply drive your scooter right on with no need for wobbly ramps. It also has Mighty Haulers Patent PendingSway Lock” that eliminates the bikes from swaying back and forth while traveling down the road. If you want to take the car along with you on your trip the 850D has a built in 2” receiver for flat towing cars up to 5000lbs.

What does the Mighty Hauler 850D deliver?

  • Patent Pending
  • The industries only Sway Lock TM system
  • Fully Insured
  • Plasma CNC quality
  • Made in the USA
  • Two Motorcycle Platforms
  • No extra parts to lug around
  • 850lb Capacity
  • Loading from opposite sides
  • 3 ton lift jack or Fully Electric Hydraulic
  • Lockable “Sway Lock “pin for anti-theft
  • Comes fully powder coated
  • The 850D weights – 300lbs
  • 10 Reinforced integrated holes for easy strapping
  • 3” Main upright tube
  • 19″ Of travel
  • 2” Receiver
  • 2” Solid steel tongue
  • Lowers to within 1” of the ground
  • High Strength grade 8 hardware
  • Three year limited warranty on manufactured parts

Half Ton Application

We recommend that this hauler be use by vehicles with a class IV or V hitch. The heavier the hitch the better. The receiver size needs to be 2-1/2” square or else you need a receiver reducer. Please consult with your vehicle or hitch manufacturer for complete requirements and specifications for your specific hitch.

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